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cheaper and faster than the market, thanks to our unique solution.
Your custom-made, truly pixel-perfect website
cheaper and faster than the market
Aircraft turbine facts ~30 000 Horsepowers $20 000 000 From this price ~40 000 Parts inside ~70 Days to build Turbine Studio facts ~0.3s Load speed $200 From this price 1 Unique solution ~7 Days to build A unique solution to a common problem Problem You need a simple website with 1 to 30 pages. Or a web app, perhaps with accounts and other features. Or some e-commerce solution like an online store. And you are not ready to spend years on development. Solutions Freelance. Can be expensive and poor quality. When your current freelancer disappears, not many will want to maintain their code. Agency. Can be slow, expensive, or not quality, sometimes all together. Often you will be linked to this specific agency. No-code builders. Your website will be slow and hard to scale. Any no-code website cannot be pixel-perfect by definition. You will probably have to create a regular website later anyway. Turbine Studio. We can offer something completely unique.

  • We will develop your website in a record time, usually 4 to 20 days.
  • Your website will be faster than 99.9% of websites worldwide, with a load speed of around 0.3 seconds.
  • Your website will be genuinely pixel-perfect, and we mean the actual pixels.
  • Your website will follow best practices / standards and use the newest technologies to ensure the best security and compatibility.
  • We will host your website on our server and take care of all the maintenance.
  • You will be assigned a personal assistant so that you can request changes and updates to your website directly from your WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • All above will cost you much less than the market, being even cheaper than some no-code builders.
Sauce We at ScripTop Inc. create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, which consists of numerous large projects. We use a unique proprietary technology based on a decade of experience. This technology allows us to create custom, modern, and quality websites in an extremely short time. Because of the above, we can also offer unbeatable prices, flexible per-minute work, access to your personal area to see available minutes, and the ability to control your website simply via live chat.

We aim to provide you with quality, speed, and simplicity while reducing your overall costs. The only downside is that we cannot provide you with the source code of the website. However, with other solutions, you often never see the code or end up with unscalable code that needs to be reworked anyway.
Quality All in one Speedy Valuable Easy Reliable Modern Prices Development Lite
Small-size websites, with up to 15 pages, no web apps.

  • Development: 100,00 USD.
  • Monthly: 100,00 USD.
  • Monthly minutes: 300.
  • Extra minute: 0,50 USD.
Middle-size websites, with over 15 pages, and web apps.

  • Development: 200,00 USD.
  • Monthly: 200,00 USD.
  • Monthly minutes: 600.
  • Extra minute: 0,50 USD.
An online store of any size or similar e-commerce solution with on-demand features and integrations. Unlimited number of pages and products, access to a control panel with the ability to scale your business.

  • Development: 900,00 USD.
  • Monthly: 300,00 USD.
  • Monthly minutes: 900.
  • Extra minute: 0,50 USD.
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  • Development: 100,00 USD.
  • Monthly: 300,00 USD.
  • Monthly minutes: 900.
  • Extra minute: 0,50 USD.
Depending on the type of the desired website, one of four plans must be chosen. Customers make a one-time payment for development and a monthly payment. The monthly payment includes the costs for hosting the website on our server, DDoS protection, maintenance, purchase of an SSL certificate, premium DNS, and a fixed number of minutes for updates.

We refer to the minutes of our work on the website. Monthly minutes are refreshed each month and do not carry over. If customer have used all monthly minutes, extra minutes can be purchased.
Services Usability
Already have a website and want to improve? Take advantage of our premium usability analysis service.

Nowadays, every business has a website. There are more websites than people. Therefore, you must do your best to stand out. We can help you and share our thousands of hours of experience.

We have done websites of all types: landing pages, platforms, communities, stores, PaaS, SaaS, and everything you can think of, we probably did. Today we offer to apply a decade of our experience to your website.

The analysis you receive will be based not only on theory but also on a business perspective, considering real-world problems and the complete specifics of your business.

  • Price: 400,00 USD.
  • Time: 2 to 5 business days.
Are you not sure which technologies and solutions are best for your task? We can analyze your problem and advise the most optimal way to solve it.

Our experts, with over 30 years of combined experience, will brainstorm your problem to offer you the best solutions.

  • Price: 200,00 USD.
  • Time: 1 to 2 business days.
Linux Admin
Need assistance with anything on your Linux server from trusted people? We can help you. Please note that this is not our primary service, and we may not accept some orders.

  • Price: 100,00 USD / hour, rounded up to hours.
  • Time: 1 to 2 business days.
SEO + Promo
We are proud to offer this hot service for startups. We have been there and spent hundreds of hours on SEO and promotion. So now you can skip the boring part and get all the results quickly.

  • Price: 400,00 USD.
  • Time: 2 to 5 business days.
Questions & Answers Why should I trust you? We have been operating since 2013. Our company is registered in the Czech Republic and the United States. We have other large projects that can be found on the ScripTop Inc. website. We cooperate with market leaders and provide guarantees on our services. Can you work in extreme situations? We can handle extreme situations better than anyone else because of our flexibility and advanced technology.

Suppose you need us to do something with priority ASAP on any day of the week. In that case, it is possible via priority support service that you can purchase for 24 hours whenever you need it.

Also, if you have an impossible task or deadline, contact us. We used to handle impossible tasks often.
Do you also do designs? We do not create designs in the traditional way. When working with us, you have two options.

Option 1. You can supply us with your own Figma design, and we will provide feedback to make changes if necessary.

Option 2. You can tell us your ideas in text format, send us websites you like (maybe competitors), or any other design references. Then, we will shape it into something functional and unique. This way, you can save yourself a lot of time and money and not necessarily lose anything.
How quickly can we launch my website? Your website can be live from 4 to 20 days from the moment you contact us, depending on the complexity of the requirements. What guarantees do you provide? We provide various guarantees to secure your interests. We guarantee from our side that your website will be live for at least three years after the first payment. When this period ends, the guarantee is extended for another three years, and so on. We have been on the market for over ten years and are not going anywhere.

We always conduct a fair business and prioritize mutual trust and respect.
Who are your competitors? We have seen thousands of websites and deeply analyzed the market before we decided to offer our services. We did not find anything like this, so we believe we do not have any direct competitors.

There are solutions (or mostly a combination of solutions) that can help you achieve similar results, but all of them will be either not that fast, not that cheap, or not that quality. And we mean much longer, much more expensive, or much worse quality. Of course, you can verify it yourself, and we will be happy to welcome you back at any time.
Contact us Choose one of our services. contact@turbine.dev Details request
Send us an e-mail with the service you are interested in and attach some details.
We will answer all your questions and accompany you all the way.

A simple flow from now to results. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime with any questions, and we will do our best to help you.

Sometimes we may limit the number of new customers we take on board, so if you are willing to cooperate, it is always better to contact us as soon as possible to reserve your place.

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